A Billion and One Things

I leave for holiday on Sunday, and I am not ready
Actually, I’m not even close to ready. My to do list for tomorrow is crazy compared to my usual ones, and I’ve even numbered the task according to the order I’m doing them in. So why did this happen? Let’s rewind. 

This Tuesday I went on my other holiday; a day trip to Denmark with my best friend. It was amazing and fun and a brilliant day. However, it also killed me. I don’t know if I got a really mild case of food poisoning or what happened, but I almost fell asleep while driving, actually fell asleep on the ferry, was shaking all over and had to get up in the middle of the night because I was about to throw up. As a result, I was a right mess on Wednesday. I slept in, didn’t tidy my stuff from my trip, and didn’t do anything until I went to work. And when I got home I fell straight asleep. 

Since then I’ve pretty much been catching up from that inbetween my work shifts, rather than actually preparing for what’s ahead. As a result I’ve done no packing, cleaning or anything to prepare for my holiday. And on top of this, a lot of my friends will be leaving for uni next week, so I’m seeing one tomorrow and arranging get togethers with others for next week. 

One of the main reasons tomorrow is going to be hectic though, is that it is going to be cut short. Since my friend is coming over, I’ll have to be finished by then, and she’ll be coming early. She has work the next day, and I need to go to bed early. Because of my flight. My 6 am flight. We leave for the airport at 4:15 am. I have to get up at 3:30 am. RIP Mary. 

So anyway, this has been long and ranty, and you probably don’t even care, but this is what is up. And for once, I felt like writing about it, so there we go!

A Day In My Life

7:39 am – Sleep Cycle wakes me up. I grab my phone and bury my head in my pillow while scrolling social media to keep from falling back asleep

8:00 – Finally make it out of bed. Do my 5 minute yoga and my mini-mini workout

8:15 – Quickly dusts all the surfaces in my room and do a superficial cleaning of my bathroom. 

8:27 – Get started on breakfast and doing my makeup, while playing music and scrolling social media

8:50 – “maybe i should do an a day in my life blog post????”

9:12 – off pokemon hunting

9:48 – sat down here and tried to catch some pokemon

10:30 – back home after finally catching a Jigglypuff

11:10 – made some oatmeal that boiled over in the microwave. a day with two breakfasts cannot be a bad day

11:44 – started filming my bullet journal update video

12:16 – working on cleaning out my mac and importing the video footage

12:50 – started another diy to cover up my bullet journal

1:24 pm – finished said diy. quite pleased with the result, to be honest

2:14 – waiting for my room tour to upload and finally got pokemon go downloaded from the Norwegian app store!!!

2:45 – leaving for work. bye for now!

8:15 – back home and absolutely dead with hunger

11:32 – ready for bed after an exhausting work week, with the last couple of hours spent eating and watching tv with my parents. night night!

Making Good Habits

Suddenly it just clicked for me



Usually, whenever I would post pictures of my room on here, I’d have an intense tidying session before hand. Unless the point of the pictures was to show how messy my room was, obviously. Not this time, though. If I had done that, the charging cable in the bottom picture would not be there, and my bin would be tucked away under my desk. No, this is actually how my room is consistently looking. And my entire room looks like this. There is no mess hidden beyond the scope of these pictures. This is just one of the examples of how my habits have improved massively this summer.

I’ve never been very good at sticking with things. Especially things I don’t particularly enjoy. Like tidying. Or exercising. However, this summer I decided that I wanted to establish some good, simple habits that I could ingrain into my routine before going back to the UK, so that come the semester they would hopefully be automatic. It all started when I read Sorted: Freedom Through Structure by Gillian Perkins. With the help of this book, I took a good, hard look at my life and what small things I could change to make it better. And I would really say that my life has improved.

Looking back at vlogs and pictures of my rooms in the past, I cringe at the mess. I feel so at peace when everything is tidy. I don’t have the constant thought that I need to tidy, or that there are certain chores I should do because it’s all done in a timely manner. I have made a habit of tidying my room before going to bed, but this is rarely necessary as I also stumbled into the habit of tidying everything pretty much immediately.

I have also started properly sticking to doing yoga every morning and started exercising every morning as well. I don’t know if this has had any effect on my health as of yet, but I am sure that if I keep it up, it will. That is my motivation to keep going. I want to improve my life in the long run. Setting these habits in stone this summer will hopefully make me less likely to slip once the semester starts.

Are you guys doing anything this summer to help you along when you go back to school, or to improve your lives?


My School Routine

I know, I know, it’s summer break – so I’m not actually in school. However, since I’m not in school, I have some time to film and that means that I’m putting up a youtube video today! I actually filmed it a couple of weeks ago, but then I got lazy and never got around to editing it.

I’m also vlogging today, likely as a part of a weekly vlog style kind of thing, so that should also eventually be up!

One Week of Summer

And maybe the last one

This week has been a+. It’s been super hot and properly summery, which has been so nice! I’ve enjoyed being on summer holiday to my fullest extent, and I still do. I’m also getting more plans to do stuff and see people, which is very nice. 

The biggest news though, is that my summer break isn’t going to be as empty as feared. I got a job! Someone willingly hired me over other people! Say what????

I have a training session on Thursday, but I don’t know anything beyond that. They said that I might have 3-4 scheduled shifts per week, but I might also just be called in if someone’s sick etc. The job is at a local grocery shop and it has a reputation for having a great working environment and everything, so I am quite excited. Not to mention that I’ll get additional work experience to put on my CV and wages over the summer. 

Hope you all have been having as great a week as I have!

Chilled Out Days

I’ve been marathoning Friends hard core these past few days and I’m loving it. It is such a true feel good show and it never ceases to cheer me up. Also, I’ve dabbling around with stuff in my bullet journal, while watching Friends, and I’ve been loving that too. Trying out new things and experimenting with organisation is one of my favourite things to do. 

If you guys wanna see another bullet journal up date and how I plan on using it for the summer, just let me know!

Back Home


The excitement is real

While I love love love having moved out and living by myself, there are a couple of things that I most certainly look forward to about going back for the summer.

1. The Dishwasher

I never knew I could know a large kitchen appliance so much. Honestly, when I lived at home one of my chores was to empty the dishwasher and it seemed like such a bother. After a year of washing up every single thing used, it seems like a luxury. I’m so happy to be going back to it!

2. Food Magically Appearing in the Fridge

Grocery shopping was another thing I didn’t really realise was a bother. But turns out it is, and even more so when you don’t have a car. I have taken advantage of online grocery shopping this year, but just the fact that I have to make sure I don’t run out of things… It’s dumb, but it’s going to be nice with a break.

3. Driving

Speaking of cars, I’ve missed driving. Especially when there’s that one thing you HAVE to do in town, and it HAS to be done today, but it’s pouring with rain. The fact that when at home, most of the time I can just drive to town, is so wonderful. I am super lucky with the availability of a car in my family, but believe me, I know and appreciate it.

4. Friends?!

This one has two parts. Firstly I’m super excited to see my friends from before university. I’ve missed them loads and catching up will be great!

Secondly, in the UK, FRIENDS isn’t on Netflix. WTF? Netflix why? However, in Norway, it is! Guess what I’m going to be binge watching this summer!

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