A Billion and One Things

I leave for holiday on Sunday, and I am not ready
Actually, I’m not even close to ready. My to do list for tomorrow is crazy compared to my usual ones, and I’ve even numbered the task according to the order I’m doing them in. So why did this happen? Let’s rewind. 

This Tuesday I went on my other holiday; a day trip to Denmark with my best friend. It was amazing and fun and a brilliant day. However, it also killed me. I don’t know if I got a really mild case of food poisoning or what happened, but I almost fell asleep while driving, actually fell asleep on the ferry, was shaking all over and had to get up in the middle of the night because I was about to throw up. As a result, I was a right mess on Wednesday. I slept in, didn’t tidy my stuff from my trip, and didn’t do anything until I went to work. And when I got home I fell straight asleep. 

Since then I’ve pretty much been catching up from that inbetween my work shifts, rather than actually preparing for what’s ahead. As a result I’ve done no packing, cleaning or anything to prepare for my holiday. And on top of this, a lot of my friends will be leaving for uni next week, so I’m seeing one tomorrow and arranging get togethers with others for next week. 

One of the main reasons tomorrow is going to be hectic though, is that it is going to be cut short. Since my friend is coming over, I’ll have to be finished by then, and she’ll be coming early. She has work the next day, and I need to go to bed early. Because of my flight. My 6 am flight. We leave for the airport at 4:15 am. I have to get up at 3:30 am. RIP Mary. 

So anyway, this has been long and ranty, and you probably don’t even care, but this is what is up. And for once, I felt like writing about it, so there we go!


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