Making Good Habits

Suddenly it just clicked for me



Usually, whenever I would post pictures of my room on here, I’d have an intense tidying session before hand. Unless the point of the pictures was to show how messy my room was, obviously. Not this time, though. If I had done that, the charging cable in the bottom picture would not be there, and my bin would be tucked away under my desk. No, this is actually how my room is consistently looking. And my entire room looks like this. There is no mess hidden beyond the scope of these pictures. This is just one of the examples of how my habits have improved massively this summer.

I’ve never been very good at sticking with things. Especially things I don’t particularly enjoy. Like tidying. Or exercising. However, this summer I decided that I wanted to establish some good, simple habits that I could ingrain into my routine before going back to the UK, so that come the semester they would hopefully be automatic. It all started when I read Sorted: Freedom Through Structure by Gillian Perkins. With the help of this book, I took a good, hard look at my life and what small things I could change to make it better. And I would really say that my life has improved.

Looking back at vlogs and pictures of my rooms in the past, I cringe at the mess. I feel so at peace when everything is tidy. I don’t have the constant thought that I need to tidy, or that there are certain chores I should do because it’s all done in a timely manner. I have made a habit of tidying my room before going to bed, but this is rarely necessary as I also stumbled into the habit of tidying everything pretty much immediately.

I have also started properly sticking to doing yoga every morning and started exercising every morning as well. I don’t know if this has had any effect on my health as of yet, but I am sure that if I keep it up, it will. That is my motivation to keep going. I want to improve my life in the long run. Setting these habits in stone this summer will hopefully make me less likely to slip once the semester starts.

Are you guys doing anything this summer to help you along when you go back to school, or to improve your lives?



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