A Day In My Life

7:39 am – Sleep Cycle wakes me up. I grab my phone and bury my head in my pillow while scrolling social media to keep from falling back asleep

8:00 – Finally make it out of bed. Do my 5 minute yoga and my mini-mini workout

8:15 – Quickly dusts all the surfaces in my room and do a superficial cleaning of my bathroom. 

8:27 – Get started on breakfast and doing my makeup, while playing music and scrolling social media

8:50 – “maybe i should do an a day in my life blog post????”

9:12 – off pokemon hunting

9:48 – sat down here and tried to catch some pokemon

10:30 – back home after finally catching a Jigglypuff

11:10 – made some oatmeal that boiled over in the microwave. a day with two breakfasts cannot be a bad day

11:44 – started filming my bullet journal update video

12:16 – working on cleaning out my mac and importing the video footage

12:50 – started another diy to cover up my bullet journal

1:24 pm – finished said diy. quite pleased with the result, to be honest

2:14 – waiting for my room tour to upload and finally got pokemon go downloaded from the Norwegian app store!!!

2:45 – leaving for work. bye for now!

8:15 – back home and absolutely dead with hunger

11:32 – ready for bed after an exhausting work week, with the last couple of hours spent eating and watching tv with my parents. night night!


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