My Digital Bullet Journal – OneNote

I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately when it come to planning and keeping up with it. I haven’t been reaching for my bullet journal and it had kind of found a permanent home at the bottom of my bag. I didn’t bring it with me and I didn’t look at it, which essentially made it worthless. So I started thinking, how can I keep myself organised if this isn’t working for me at the moment (because I will no doubt go back to it)? The answer I came to was my phone.

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Life Update – 26.9.15

I’ve been adbsent. Not just here, but also on youtube, on instagram, on tumblr and in life. Even on Netflix. These past days (14 to be exact) have been a whirlwind like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

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10 Goals For My First Year of Uni

Form good habits and stick to them

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This is a lot larger of a goal that most of the others on this list, because it touches on so many things. I goes for schoolwork, lifestyle, hobbies and everything. Forming good habits is important to get things done and sticking to them is even more important. I’ll be using this ‘lil don’t break the chain style calendar. That really keeps me motivated to drink my water, study and vaccuume my floors.

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How I Plan on Organising Myself For My First Year of Uni

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There are so many posts floating around on how you can organise yourself and your academic material each year. However, this year I found that I wanted to do a post on this before I start uni, and most importantly before I go back to school shopping. I also want to make another post on the subject of organisation (it’s currently scheduled for the 5th of December), where I talk about how it has actually worked out this year and how I organise myself at that point.

I find that the trouble with organisation systems often is that they sounds great and practical and awesome, but somewhere between back to school and Christmas they simply dissolve into chaos and you stop sticking to them. Hopefully this plan of mine will keep me from doing that, just like I managed to keep from doing last year. We’ll see in December how it went.

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Incentives: How I Get Anything Done


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A thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something.

One of my most used tips for getting anything done, is giving myself incentives. I am a terrible procrastinator, so while I certainly have long term goals, they don’t really make me get my butt into gear and do things. I work better with short term incentives and (near) immediate gratification. Let me give you an example:

The other day my mum asked me to run to the shop for her and get her some cream cheese. I didn’t really want to, because I’d just sat down after getting home from work. However, I would likely say yes, because I know it would make my mum happy. But at that moment, keeping my butt in the chair seemed more appealing, so I would likely postpone it until she absolutely needed it. Then she told me “I need it for a cake I’m making tonight, and if you go to the shop for me I’ll make some extra cake for you,” and in 0.3 seconds I was out of the chair and in the car on my way.

As soon as I sensed a reward shortly coming my way, I was much more inclined to get the task done, because that meant I could get the reward. That’s how most of us operate, and while much can (and have) be said about that, being away of as much as helped me work more efficiently.

I am a big fan of the study tip “Give yourself a reward”, be it by placing gummy bears on the pages of your textbooks, or scheduling your breaks and having snacks available.  As important as it is to have long term goals, which I do, I know I’m more likely to get stuff done if there is something in it for me in the short run.

So after this PSA on my favourite study tip, here are a few incentive suggestions:

  • Frozen grapes
  • Muesli bar
  • Bite of chocolate
  • Cup of tea
  • 2 minute tumblr break (time it to keep it from extending to hours)
  • An episode of your favourite tv show
  • An evening off
  • Going to be an hour earlier
  • Getting up half an hour later next morning
  • An item from your wishlist
  • Starbucks
  • Calling a friend
  • Watching a youtube video

Basically it can be whatever you want. Literally, make it what you want to be doing that moment. If you really want to watch my newest youtube video (sorry not sorry for the shameless self promo), but have to study, tell yourself that “After I study for 20 minutes, I’ll watch that, then go back to studying,”

I hope that this was useful to some of you, and that it might help you get something done when you’re going back to school this year!