Mary Reads: i-D Magasine



Maybe this will be an actual series on this blog, maybe it won’t… We’ll see. Either way, it is inspired by Darcy over on sevenintelligences on tumblr. As was this magasine purchase. After looking high and low home in Norway (because I just couldn’t wait until I move), I finally found it in a random shop in Stockholm.  The copy I have is the 35th Birthday Issue. It seemed like a fitting one to kick our love affair off with. 
In our hotel room last night, I spent a few precious hours reading and looking through this magasine, and I still have lots left. I don’t know if this is how they are usually laid out, but I know that I love this issue. Stunning pictures and great articles, as well as witty interviews. I love it all. 

I’d already decided that I would subscribe to the magasine when I move, after last night that is only confirmed. I definitely want this in my post box every other month, please and thank you. 

Update: Last week’s weekly roundup will be up on Tuesday or Wednesday, when I am reunited with my computer. Until then, you’ll have to survive phone pictures and mobile outdates. I hope this hasn’t killed any of you.