Snapchattin’ Me Life Away

Since I haven’t really had the motivation or time to properly vlog lately, I’ve made a public snapchat where I do a kind of mini vlogs in my story. If you wanna add me and see what I get up to, screenshot the picture above, click ‘add friend by snap code’ in snapchat and choose the picture. It’s that simple!

Other than that, I finished my last proper exam today! I have one left on friday, but is a case study exam with questions from my other modules. Because there isn’t much to do for that, I’ve taken a day off from studying and been packing instead. I’m doing my biggest move tomorrow and then bringing the last couple of things over to the new flat on Saturday. 

I’ve been fascinated by minimalist earlier, but after gathering and trying to transport all my shit, I’m more motivated to implement it. 

I’m done with everything for tonight, though my room is a hot mess, so I’m spending the rest of today in bed, watching youtube and eating chocolate. It’s going to be a good night!


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