Life Update – 26.9.15

I’ve been adbsent. Not just here, but also on youtube, on instagram, on tumblr and in life. Even on Netflix. These past days (14 to be exact) have been a whirlwind like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

As you can see from my previous blog post, and as I assume most of you have gathered by now, I left the nest. I moved away from my parents, my home town and my country to start a new life. That new life has treated me well so far, but starting over involes establishing new routines and figuring out a whole lot of stuff, so my blogging (and vlogging and social media) game has been off. In addition I don’t have a tripod (yet! It has been ordered), and the lighting in my room is horrible, so I don’t even want to give mobile pictures a go for an actual blog post.

This one wasn’t planned. I just figured I should give you an update. This is me, this is what I’m doing.

I’m doing dishes and not hating it. I’m eating ‘2 for £1’ soup for dinner. I’ve already finished a jar of nutella. I love my lecturers. I like most of my modules. I’m spending more money than I could ever have imagined. I go on walks with my flat mate to explore the town. Our town. I wish I was in better shape, so these hills didn’t kill me. I’m drinking and partying (in moderation) and loving it. I have two fading love bites on my neck. I call this lovely place home.

My lectures started this week and I’m already studying, terrified to fall behind. The subject mater of one module is familiar, that of another is nothing but babble. I spent three hours in the library yesterday, then congratulated myself with coffee. This entire thing still feels slightly surreal.

I’m hoping I’ll settle in properly soon, make some habit and get work done, both for my modules and my online presence. Hopefully my tripod comes soon, so I’ll feel more confident posting about what’s going on. Hopefully I’ll get back into youtube. Hopefully.

Your patiece with me is very much appreciated and I wish you’ll all continue to follow me along on my journey. It’s been a good first two weeks and I only hope that the remaining 11 before Christmas will be as good!



2 thoughts on “Life Update – 26.9.15

  1. Shalom 🎇 says:

    Mary, I hope uni treats you well! You deserve to have a life-changing, world-turning experience. I hope you love every moment – keep us updated!

    love & light
    (I’m study-shine on tumblr.)


  2. Becky says:

    Mary, I can relate to what you say to some degree. Embrace every season of your life, they say. You’re just getting used to things right now, actually getting to know what your life will be about for the next months and years. So be patient. Soon enough you’ll feel comfortable again and thrive! College is 50% studying and 50% taking care of yourself + surroundings, I think. Good luck and keep moving forward dear ❤


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