Morning Sunshine

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I love it when ‘good morning’ is more than a phrase.

It is insane to think about that this is the fourth to last day that I’ll be having breakfast here in the morning sun until Christmas. That’s why I decided to make the most of it today. Truth be told I haven’t actually eaten breakfast yet and I’ve been sat here for over an hour. I’m currently having tea and I’ve spent the morning answering asks.

This morning is likely to set the pace for the rest of today, because I really don’t have anything that needs to be done, except contacting my phone company and sending an email. I want to study for a bit as well, do some vlogging and maybe get around to doing some of the tumblr things I’ve been tagged in, but that’s all stuff I like doing.

I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing about this Saturday. I’ve finished the ‘blog post’ that is going up and I hope to finish a video to put up on Friday, so that I can upload it on Saturday. And I’m hoping to vlog on Saturday as well.

Yesterday I found out out travelling times. We’re leaving home at about 4 am, as we need to be at the airport by 5. Our flight from there leaves at 6:15, and we’ll be in Copenhagen at 7:20. Then we’ll be hanging out there until 10:25 when out flight to London leaves. We’ll arrive in London at 11:25 UK time and the airport pickup is at 3 pm. So in the end, we’ll arrive at the university around 4 pm, which is 12 hours after we left home, not including the time difference.

In short, my excitement just keeps growing, and I’m super ready to get going. I’m also very ready to not have to live out of packed suitcases anymore, because that is very annoying.



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