10 Goals For My First Year of Uni

Form good habits and stick to them

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This is a lot larger of a goal that most of the others on this list, because it touches on so many things. I goes for schoolwork, lifestyle, hobbies and everything. Forming good habits is important to get things done and sticking to them is even more important. I’ll be using this ‘lil don’t break the chain style calendar. That really keeps me motivated to drink my water, study and vaccuume my floors.

Avoid burnout

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.12.38 am

I didn’t do this last year, and the burnout hit me hard around Christmas. I didn’t do schoolwork for two to three months. I just couldn’t bare it. This year I’m gonna try out some things to keep from burning out, because in the end it wasn’t worth the intense productivity. I’ll let you all know how I get on with the different methods.

Keep up with exercise

Just like making habits, I need to keep up with my exercise. I’m starting yoga, so I want to do that at least once per week, and I really want to find another sport as well that I could get into. Maybe pole dancing? I’m sure you’ll see plenty of updates on this front once I get to uni.

Have at least one hobby I enjoy and parttake in frequently

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This is another aspect of avoiding burnout. I need something that I can commit to and do regularly. Blogging is definitely once of those now, and as mentioned I’m starting yoga. We’ll see what else I get up to, but I sure hope I can find something that I enjoy.

Challenge myself

That’s what uni’s for, isn’t it? Anyway, I want to try to do this as much as possible. I want to try new things, I want to step out of my comfort zone. Both by going out more and by managing on my own. Maybe try to take more of an initiative when it comes to making friends as well.

Make good friends

This is a big one and it ties in with the last one. I’m not bad at making friends per say, but the whole process can get me pretty anxious and insecure, and I want to get better at dealing with that and overcoming it. I want to make friends that I can depend on and that I get along with. I want to make my group of friends. And I want Hege to be in it.

Keep up with cleaning

P1010524 copy

Since I’m gonna be living on my own I think this will be important. At home I clean my room every weekend and before doing that I tidy it. I’m going to try to keep that tradition, because I’ve seen how dirty it can get after only a week. Even though I’m not dependant on doing it for an allowance anymore, I really hope that I can grow up so much as to see the benefit of it and actually stick to doing it once per week.

Stay on top of my spending

Another important thing now that I’m moving out. I’ve never really had to think that much about my spending. If I spent all my money, it meant I couldn’t spend any more until I got my allowance, but that was no big deal since my allowance went to shopping and coffee. My student loan will primarily have to go to food and rent and tuition. If I use it up, I won’t get any food. I really hope I can develop some sort of budget system that works for me, so that I can manage my money well and not get myself into any trouble.

Find study techniques that work for me

My study techniques and understanding of what works for me has improved immensely since I started my studyblr, but I’m sure I have a long way left to go. I hope that with subjects more tailored to my interests and future career, I’ll be more motivated and excited to study and thus be able to make a greater effort in figuring out how I study the best.

Improve my diet

I have so many cravings and a huge sweet tooth. I want to get better at managing it and resisting cravings, as well as not over eating. I just want to stress that when I say diet, that does not mean that I’ll be dieting and aiming to lose weight, because that’s not the goal. My goal is to improve my diet, make sure that I get the nutrition I need, make sure that I eat more of the healthy things and less of the unhealthy things. Hopefully this can make me healthier, give me more energy and even help me do better in school.


3 thoughts on “10 Goals For My First Year of Uni

  1. isunable says:

    Good luck at uni! I’m starting second year this month and I really wish I had been more active in first year – you can become SO lazy at university!


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