Weekly Roundup – Week 35

Greetings everyone!

It is officially less than two weeks until I leave for the UK. What? What! Holy shit. I am just slowly realising that this is actually happening and I’ll actually be moving out and abroad. Until now it’s all kind of felt like a dream. But no, it’s happening, and it’s happening soon. I’ll definitely keep you guys in the loop as the number of days shrink and my panic/excitement grows exponentially. For now, lets focus on the past, not the future.

1. Studying and waffles. 2. Coffee x2. 3. Studying and smoothie. 4. One day of work this week. 5. Studying at a school I don’t go to. 6. Walks in sunsets ❤

This week has had a little bit of everything. On Monday and Saturday I had super quiet days. On Tuesday and Wednesday I was in town. On Thursday I was at work. On Friday I was at school (my old one, no worries, I didn’t move and start uni without telling you).

I love lazy and quiet days. On Monday I just vlogged, watered plants and studied. That was literally all that went on. Saturday wasn’t as lazy, as I did a lot more. I wrote a blog post, finished a youtube video, uploaded and tried for the dear life of me to fix my wordpress theme. You might have noticed it’s a bit different. Well, that’s because my old one decided to suddenly go tits up. I have no idea what happened. Anyway, I have a new one, and I’m not totally pleased with it. If anyone has any nice and free wordpress themes to recommend, hit me up in the comments.

I am, like many people my age, a little bit too fond of shopping. I am also a sucker for coffeeshops. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) my darling friend, Hege, is just as bad as me. This means that we have plenty to do when we meet up in town. On Tuesday we were there for hours, stopping by two cafés and just stopping by all our favourite stores. On Wednesday I was back in town, although this time with my mum. We were on the lookout for some clothes for me before I move, like a good paid or jeans and a raincoat. The trip was a success, especially as it included a stop at one of my favourite cafés for lunch.

Just like last week, I spent the Friday at my old high school. It’s so weird to be there and not be a student. Like what. Also, I met quite a few of my old teachers and stuff, and they all wondered why I was there. The simple answer was that I have no friends left in town and that I was bored. So why not. Fortunately I got to spend some time with people having free periods and I also got quite a bit of studying done.

Today I’ve spent a lot of time lazing, but I’ve also cleaned my room and the bathroom, and now I’ve almost finished this post. Which is good, because in 45 minutes I’m going on a hike, and I’m not even out of my pyjamas yet.

I hope you’ve all had a great week and that the next week will be equally good!



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