Weekly Roundup – Week 34

Greetings everyone!

I am such a procrastinator. But especially so on these posts, it seems. The rest of the things I had to do today were out of the way pretty quickly, even vacuuming, which usually takes me the entire day to work up to. This post, on the other hand… I am honestly considering wether it might be time to give this one a little break. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

1. Free cake! 2. Coffeeshop studying. 3. My new baby. 4. Frozen grapes. 5. Studying. 6. Studying outside. 7. Flowers! 8. Breakfast outside. 9. One of the last summer days.

There sure was no lack in the picture department this week. Maybe that is because lots of stuff has been going on. More stuff to take pictures of, more pictures to post. However, with my poor memory, I probably wouldn’t have remembered much of anything if I hadn’t had my planner around. And speaking of my planner, let’s start with that.

One of the biggest things this week was that my Filofax finally arrived. Yes, you heard correctly. I am now a proud Filofax owner. Pictured above, it is a Filofax Domino A5 in Black and I might be a tiny bit in love with it. I actually filmed an unboxing of it when I first got it, and you can watch that here.

On Monday I had what you could call a jam packed day. I had a doctor’s appointment, a vaccination appointment, a bank to visit, a room to clean, plants to water and a meeting to go to. In addition I decided to dye my hair. I was stressing around and being bored interchangeably throughout the day, and it was just a very weird day. The meeting was with some other people from around here that will be going to the UK as well, including my lovely travel/study buddy Hege. It was a very successful day all over, but I’m glad most of my days are a bit more low-key.

On Wednesday I went hiking with a friend, on Thursday I had a hairdresser appointment and hung out with a friend, and on Friday I visited my old school and spent the evening together with two of my other friends. I feel like I’ve been very social this week and I think I need it. I’m so jittery these days, just waiting to finally leave for uni. It’s so weird, because it’s only three weeks away now, which I feel like is both a huge amount of time and no time at all. No doubt I’ll keep counting down until I’m actually there.

I currently don’t have too much happening next week, but I’m hoping to vlog on Monday and Tuesday, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Most likely I’ll update you in a week from now!



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