Look Good to Do Well

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When I am well dressed and well groomed, I do much better work and I am more motivated to work in the first place. This isn’t always the case for me, and for some people it won’t be the case at all. But if you haven’t given it a go and properly tested it, I recommend you do, because it might work like a charm.

I have periods, especially in the winter time, where I live in pyjamas. Not literal pyjamas, but close enough. My uniform this past winter was leggings, two woollen jumpers, an oversized cardigan and a huge scarf. I could have slept in it and no one would have been any wiser. It kept me warm and it kept me comfy. Sometimes a bit too comfy. It is the kind of outfit where you kinds just sink down further and further in your chair until you’re in a heap on the floor. Not super productive.

This summer I’ve had a similar issue with my actual pyjamas, a huge t-shirt. I’d get up, want to get something done, settle on the sofa and slowly become one with the sofa. It felt like I was still in bed, because I was still in my pyjamas. That isn’t super productive either.

When I’m in either of these situations and I eventually recognise that I might have to actually do some work, the first thing I do is get dressed. If not, it’s too easy to turn back into a heap or become one with the sofa. I pick out something comfortable, but something I still feel done up in. Something I could have worn to school or maybe even to a bit more formal event. That way my outfit matches the work I’m doing. Even if I’m just writing a blog post, like now, I feel much more confident and important if I’m doing it wearing a blazer, than if I was still in my pyjamas.

I make sure my hair is brushed and out of my face, and occasionally I will also do my makeup. I rarely ever put on lipstick, just because it gets so messy (especially with all the tea I drink while working), and only slightly more often put on eyeliner. The lack of eyeliner is mostly to save time. I get obsessed with making the wings neat and matching, and it’s just not worth spending time on when I have more important things to get sone.

When I get done up like this I’m not only more likely to get started on my work, I’m also less likely to rush or be sloppy. If I already feel like a slob, my work occasionally reflects that, even if it’s just because of poor handwriting. The more neat I am and feel, the neater my work becomes.

Of course, this should never compromise comfort. I’m a huge believer in being comfortable when you work or study. When you’re comfortable, there is one less thing to distract you from what you’re doing.

And that’s what you should take away from this post; Stay comfortable, but if you feel good and neat, then you might find that reflected in your work.


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