Filofax A5 Domino Setup for University

Habits are odd things. It feels like ages since I’ve updated you, but it’s only been three days. Oh well, that rant is for another post, I suppose. As you can see from the title, we have much more exciting things to talk about today! Namely the setup of my Filofax A5 Domino that I’ll be using to keep myself organised when starting uni.


First of all, can we please talk about how gorgeous and sleek this thing is? I just wanna stroke it every time I see it. It looks so professional and I can’t wait to feel all grown up when carrying this around with me while at university. I was also kinda sceptical to the elastic around it when I first discovered the model, but I’ve realised now that it saves space, is really easy to get on and off, and compliments the black cover very nicely.


This is the first thing you see when you open it up. I haven’t put anything in the pockets yet, because I don’t really have anything to put in there. I don’t think I’ll be carrying around a lot of stickers and stuff, so I just haven’t bothered. If I can get my hands on some white or pastel sticky notes though, that might change.

I out the Monki tag on top of my dashboard because I think it’s so cute and different and I just love the way it looks. There’s also a clear flyleaf kinda deal on top of my dashboard, which in itself is made from half a poster I bought for 50p at Upstairs.


When you flip my dashboard over you get to my key. It’s just a list over the different colours that I use, rather than symbols, because I don’t really use those. I just have square boxes for tasks and triangles for appointment kinda thingies. And blog posts get a circle, b’cause, you know, they’re special. Usually throughout the year I memorise these colours, but I’m starting all new classes and using new pens, so at the moment I refer to this ever two minutes.


I use the dividers that came with the Filofax because I don’t have a laminator and thus feel like I couldn’t make sturdy enough dividers myself. However, they are a bit plain, so in front of every one I have one of these pages. They are 1/4 of a newspaper page and from my local newspaper. I love the vintage newspaper look, and it pleases me immensely to be able to say that these are actual vintage newspapers. I think these ones might be from August 1944. And the white bow you can see on the top of the page is glued to a paperclip that marks the current month.


This is the month of August. I have my month on two pages that I use for bigger things and blog posts. Everything here is colour coded, and the colourful washi tape marks where the month starts and ends. In here I’ll typically put any appointments and bigger assignments that are due for school.



In between every month on two pages, I have the weeks on two pages for that month. These ones are some that are a little bit filled out and it’s the week that I leave for uni and the following week. It has three days on the left and four on the right, with a “This Week” on the top of the left page. I really like the horizontal weeks, because it gives me more room to write my to do lists, which is mostly what I use my week on two pages for.

to do

Behind my calendar section and the second divider, I have my to do section. In here I have a ton of to do lists from a list pad that I have, as well as some to do sheets that came with the Filofax. I love making lists for different topics, when things aren’t necessarily due on a specific day. Then some days I’ll go through these lists and see “Oh is there something I can do today?”, and if there is I’ll add it to my to do list for that day.

And onwards behind these lists, I just have some notepaper and some information pages that came with the Filofax, just in case I need them. I might bullet journal a bit on them if I run out of space for a day, but we’ll see how it turns out when I get to uni.

And speaking off us seeing how things turn out; Do you guys want to see and update of my setup when I’ve been at uni for a little while? Maybe as a youtube video? Let me know in the comments!



One thought on “Filofax A5 Domino Setup for University

  1. Alessandra says:

    Mary, your filofax looks amazing, like you said, so professional and grown up! I liked how you set it up in a simple and effective way. I just discovered that watching videos of planner setups is a thing for me, I’ll definitely want one of yours! 🙂


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