Weekly Roundup – Week 33

Greetings everyone!

Another week has passes and it is officially less than four weeks until I leave to go to uni. Ahhhh how the heck did we get here? It still feels like it’s a world away, but it isn’t. That means I’m going to have to start to think about packing and what to bring and that is just terrifying. But that’s still four weeks away, so I’m gonna pretend for a bit longer that it’s not something I need to think about.

1. I got another turtleneck! 2. A ladybug plaster. 3. Planner goodies! 4. Studying underway. 5. IKEA – the love of my life. 6. I’M DONE WITH WORK!

The big thing that happened this week was me working. As mentioned, and complained about, I’ve been working 10 am – 3 pm five days per week. This was my last week, and as you can see from the final picture above I was quite happy about that little fact. I might be doing some work for my dad before I leave for uni, but at least I’m not working five days per week anymore. That gives me some more time to blog, do youtube and hopefully do some studying as well!

I’m going to try to get through one lecture per day from now, although I’m not really gonna be strict on it. However, I do want to try to stick to that. I might have to start on Tuesday though, because tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day!

Yesterday I had coffee with a friend of mine that is going to be going to the UK as well, although she will only be there for two semesters, as she is already doing a degree in Norway. We had coffee for about four hours, catching up and talking about everything from the UK to tv shows we watch. I’ve missed spending time with her, so it was nice to get an opportunity to do so.

That’s really everything that’s been going on this week, because now pretty much all my friends have left, so I’m not doing much in the evenings. I’m hanging out with a friend today though as a final time before she leaves though, so I’m looking forward to that.

And with that, I leave you until next time! Heads up though, I’m currently vlogging, so you’ll see more of me soon enough.



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