What I Have Left To Do Before Leaving For Uni

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Short version of this post: Everything. The longer one is a bit more comprehensive. Let me tell you about all the things I still have to get done before I move.

The list pictured is my actual to do list for before I move, minus packing.The packing will probably need a list of its own. And on the topic of packing, I will be doing the 7 day college countdown, so you can look forward to that! But that’s for a future post. Now let’s go through the things that need to get done:

Packing – Knowing myself I’ll probably not start packing until less than a week before I’m leaving. That’s not as disastrous as it sounds though, as I’m basically only bringing clothes. Since we’re flying, I can only bring about four suitcases worth of stuff. So the only things on my packing list are basically my entire closet, bags, shoes, outerwear, all the stationary I’ll need, the lamp I have on my nightstand and a few decorative things.

Vaccines – Since I’m moving abroad I’m required to get some vaccines. I know I’m getting a meningitis vaccine, and possibly a measles one. I’ve actually gotten an appointment for this on Monday, so this point is practically done already.

GP visit – I need to pay my family’s GP a visit before I leave. I’ve recently been bothered by migraines, likely caused by my hormones. So I’m going to see if there is something they can give for that so I won’t have to deal with it when away from home. Also possibly talking to them about getting on the pill to help with some period pains and stuff. This section got so TMI so fast, but you’ll manage.

Go to the bank – Again, since I’m moving abroad, arrangements have to be made. I’m going to our advisor at the bank to talk about setting up a UK bank account and what will be most practical. I might be able to just continue using my debit card over there, but we’ll see.

Get haircut (+ dye hair?) – My mum pays for my haircuts. That’s why I’m getting one before I move. Also, I haven’t even trimmed the edges of my hair in over a year, oops. Also yes, I am possibly dying my hair. I don’t know quite what colour yet, but we’ll see. I’ll be doing it myself, possibly with help from a friend, as I’ve done in the past, so I need to check out what hair dyes they have in my local shops.

Apply to Lånekassa –  Lånekassa is the Norwegian Financial Aid. Without it there is no way I’ll survive the UK. So I need to do that. The only reason I haven’t done it yet is that I still haven’t gotten my IB Diploma and there is no way I can do it without my grades. So we wait. Hopefully the wait will soon be up.

Get sight checked – I wear glasses, so I’m going to the optician before I leave to check if I need to get new lenses for my glasses. I figured it would be smart to get that done with the guy I usually go to, and also if I do it while still at home, my parents pays. #perks

And that’s my list. The packing thing is probably the biggest box to check, but also the one I’ll be doing last. The others are really just appointments that I need to book and go to, so I should be good for those.

What do you guys have left to do before going back to school?



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