While We Wait

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We do a lot of DIYing.

As those of you that follow me on tumblr have noticed, I recently took the plunge and ordered a Filofax. I’ve been wanting one for years, and I decided that the time to get one might just be for my first year of uni. The one I ordered is the A5 Domino in Black, and according to the estimated delivery, it’ll be here between today and Sunday.

I am currently (not so) patiently waiting for it, and while doing so (and even before I ordered it), I started making some things for it. Pictured above is my dashboard, a divider and August from my month on two pages. I’ll definitely do a post and/or youtube video on my setup when I get it and move in, but I thought I’d show you these for now.

The dashboard is made from a poster that I recently got on sale for the equivalent of 0.5 GBP. It’s half the poster, and I got two more in similar patterns as well. Too pretty to pass up, and great for this purpose because of how thick and sturdy they are!

I made four of these dividers and they’re actually made from an old newspaper. Since the paper is pretty thin and thus wasn’t good for making tabs from, I’m just going to layer them over the Filofax dividers to make them a bit prettier. The newspaper used is actually the one local to where I live, and the specific edition used I believe is from April 1944. I just loved how it went with the dashboard.

I’ll be using the Filofax horizontal week on two pages that it comes with, but I really like using monthly pages as well. This is why I printed off the Philofaxy month on two pages. I didn’t do it double sided (because I have no idea how), and rather did the name of the month in pretty letters on the front, then the calendar on the two opposing pages, and then a blank page again.

And that’s it. Another item checked off my to do list that I can’t use to distract myself from waiting. Oh well.



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