How To Fall Asleep

We all know that feeling. We need to get up early the next morning, so we go to bed early. Then we end up tossing and turning for hours and hours, sleep nowhere in sight. I have these nights as often as anyone else, and when I notice this is the turn the night is taking, I have a few things I do.

Set up your space

Get your room to the right temperature by cracking a window open, turning on an oven or grab a blanket. I know I can’t sleep if I’m too cold, so I always keep a lot of options for keeping warm close by.
Make sure that your room is dark enough to let you sleep. Draw your blinds or curtains, and if you don’t have any, try to hang a blanket in front of your window. You can also get one of those sleep masks things if that is your thing.

If there is a lot of sounds going on, maybe grab some earplugs to keep it out and get that beauty sleep.

Write down your thoughts

I often find that one of the reasons I can’t sleep is that I’m thinking too much. For me it’s often about what I need to do the next day if I know that I’m gonan be busy. What I do if I recognise that this is going on, is that I grab my planner/a to do list/a sticky note or whatever and I write it all down. I also try to order the tasks after what I’m going first etc. that way I have one less thing on my mind.

The thing that makes me fall asleep

When I’ve made sure I’m comfy and not stressed, this is what I do. I don’t remember were I heard about this, but now I do it almost every night. So what is this ‘it’?

I lay back, close my eyes and focus on breathing. I take deep breaths (through my mouth, because I don’t think my nose works properly??) and for every exhale I count one down from 100. So it goes like this:


*exhale* 100


*exhale* 99

I’ve heard that counting is good for falling asleep because it’s boring, but something to focus on and it blocks your other thoughts. Counting backwards makes it more to focus on as well.

The reason that I only count on every exhale is that I need to concentrate more to remember how far I’ve come. I make an effort to remember thw last number I counted and make sure I don’t skip any.

I know this entire thing sounds pretty weird, but I think it’s only been a few times that I’ve gotten past 50, and barely a single one that I’ve actually reached 0. And if I do reach 0, I just start over.

And those are my tips! Hopefully they can be helpful to some of you!



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