Weekly Roundup – Week 31

Greetings everyone!

This week hasn’t been a very social media week for me. I was busy most of Monday, then without internet from Tuesday to Thursday, and then busy almost all of Friday. That explains the lack of photos from this week. Or not really. There are a tonne of photos from my trip that you can check out here. For now though, let’s stick to the ones posted to my tumblr.

1. Today’s study session. 2. Chilling with a Gossip Girl rewatch. 3. More studying.

So, what did I get up to this week? Well, as I’ve already mentioned; a lot. It started already on Monday with a family gathering. I have some family across the pond in the UK, and this week almost all of them have been visiting. On Monday we all got together, celebrated two birthdays and had a garden party. It was lovely, and four of the visitors I’d never even met, so meeting them for the first time was amazing.

On Tuesday, Julie and I went on our long anticipated cabin trip. We’ve been talking about this for years, but it’s never happened and coming up to the end of summer (and her moving date) we were starting to think it wouldn’t happen this year either. Fortunately we managed to find a time where we were both available, the cabin was available, the car was available and everything just fit. We brought their family dog and enjoyed three wonderful days of hiking, laughing, Project Runway, colouring and eating. It is definitely a fond memory to look back at now that we won’t be living five minutes away from each other anymore.

Still not quite caught up with everything I needed to get done, Friday came like a whirlwind, bringing even more stuff with it. I celebrated my birthday, we had people over and there was generally just a lot to do. It turned out absolutely lovely in the end though, with pizza, two cakes, too much candy and some great memories being made. My birthday is actually not until mid September, but only two of my friends will be staying in town past mid August, so if I wanted them all there, it had to be before then. I’m so glad I ended up getting (almost) everyone together, as I might not see them in a very long time.

And that had been my week. Yesterday and today has just been spent relaxing (and drooling over this beauty and watching planner videos), and all I’ve got left to do today is water my Gran’s plants before meeting up with Julie later tonight.

I actually go back to work tomorrow, so I’m not entirely sure how blogging will be from now on. I might continue doing daily posts, I might not, we’ll see. Anyway, this marks the end of my ‘mid summer holiday’ holiday (as I go back on holiday again soon enough), so we’ll see next week if I’ve survived.



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