Back Again!

P1010374 copy

And just a little bit stressed out.

As you can see, I’m back from the mountains and I thought I’d get back into the swing of things by putting a blog post up today. Unfortunately I have 8 billion things to do, so it is going to be a blog post about how I don’t have time to put up a blog post.

I promised pictures from the trip, and those will be tomorrow’s post. We had a super great time and decided that it definitely warranted a repeat, so we’ll see how soon we can get up there again. Unfortunately we’re both moving away, Julie to Bergen and I to Winchester. There are still summer holidays though, and for that we’re very thankful.

So why am I so busy today? I’m celebrating my birthday. However, you can hold the birthday wishes, because I’m celebrating a month and a half early. All but two of my friends are leaving town in under two weeks, so this was really the only time left to celebrate if I wanted to include them. As of this moment I still have to finish this blog post, do my makeup, fix my hair, do my nails, clean my room and order pizza. And I have four hours and forty minutes left to do it on.

One of my friends are coming over to help me make brownies at five, so I need to be done by then. However, we have some family coming over at four and we’re having dinner at three, so I really should be done by then. That’s less than two hours.

So I’ll check off the ‘write blog post’ box now and say bye until tomorrow!



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