Weekly Roundup – Week 29 & 30

Greetings everybody!

I was putting off writing up the weekly roundup for week 29 that is was just as well to combine it with the one of week 30. On the plus side, I’ve managed to put up a post per day (with the exception of a single day) for the past… I don’t know how many days, but more that I could ever have thought. I am quite liking the daily blogging thing, and I have to say, coming up with something to write isn’t as hard as I’d thought. Now, let’s move on to how my weeks have been!

1. Driving through a lot of forests. 2. My dress for the wedding. 3. Stockholm! 4. Muji ❤ 5. Back to studying. 6. I love this outfit??

I’m still on holiday, both from school and from my summer job, so there has been a lot of lazing around these past two weeks. The most notable exception from this was from Thursday to Tuesday, where I went to Sweden with my family for my cousin’s wedding. We also stayed a few days in Stockholm. However, Stockholm is a ten hour drive from where I live, so there was a lot of hours in the car involved. It was nice though, especially as I’ve never been to Stockholm (or to a wedding) before.

I’ve also hung out with my best friend, Julie, a lot. I can’t believe she is leaving me soon. She’s going to university somewhere else, and they start earlier than me, so she is leaving a full month before I do. I just already know that I’m gonna miss her so incredibly much. Which is why I’m taking every opportunity to hang out with her.

I have also been blogging a lot (woho, right?) and managed to put up a blog post every day with only one exception. As I mentioned I’ve really been liking daily blogging. many of my posts might be called a little ‘fluffy’ by some people (who focus on less of the daily aspect?), but I like it. I like to be able to look back and see that “Ah, that was what I was thinking about that day.” I hope you’re enjoying them as well!

And that’s it for now, really. Knowing me, you’ll probably hear from me again tomorrow. Until then, have a great day!



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