Sunday Fun-day

P1010348 copy

P1010351 copy

A lovely Sunday breakfast smoothie.

Taking a hike with my best friend.

Picking some blueberries.

I really enjoy those days that aren’t really lazy, but just generally enjoyable. I had a plan for today, but things changed. I still got everything done, and my new plans fit kind of seamlessly in with the old ones. I love those kind of days. As you can see from the pictures, my morning consisted of a smoothie, lazing in bed with my laptop and going for a hike. After that followed a shower and some studying, some cooking and some more lazing at the computer. It’s been great.

That’s really all. I just wanted to share these pictures (I think they turned out great??) and tell you a  bit about my day. Also, there might not be anything up tomorrow, depending on how much of the day will be spent with my family from abroad that is in town (spoiler: probably almost all of it). We’ll see tomorrow!

Until next time,



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