The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask Review

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A (not so) new favourite!

I remember back in 7th grade when it was suddenly all the rage to give each other face masks for our birthdays. Those one use packets with masks that smelled like chocolate or fruits. As I’m writing this, I’m currently wearing the chocolate one. On the other hand, back then I wasn’t a fan. It was a hassle to put on and a hassle to take off. (Who am I kidding, I still think that)

Suzie from Hello October showed The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask (quite the mouthful that) in a haul back in May and then shared in her May favourites shortly after. I decided to give it a go despite not really getting on with face masks in the past. I was in a period where my skin was in desperate need of some moisture, and this seemed like a good solution.

It was. This mask is so moisturising and you only need to put the tiniest bit on. I actually use it as a face cream sometimes and just put even less on. It has a mild feeling and scent, and it always leaves me feeling refreshed and like I’m really taking care of my skin.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I think this product is absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad I have a big pot to go through. However, one of the greatest things about it, for me, is that you can just leave it on. If I know I’m spending the whole day inside, I’ll put it on in the morning and then maybe give my face a gentle wipe down later in the day to get rid of what still hasn’t sunk in. If I do decide to take it off, it is easy to remove, and it doesn’t stain white washcloths. An all around winner for me!

I’m sure the pot I currently have will last me just about forever, but if I ever run out, this will definitely be one of the products that I repurchase.



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