On Making Excuses (and why I won’t do it)


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I was never planning on blogging every day, not now and certainly not when school starts back up. Nevertheless I felt slightly guilty when I didn’t put up a post yesterday. I quite like the continuity of putting something up every day.

I don’t want to be the kind of blogger that makes excuses. I think it’s important that real life comes first. Wether that means skipping a day of uploading to focus on school work, or spending a day sleeping, which was what I did yesterday. I was hit with such a bad migraine that I threw up before the first painkiller could kick in, and then took four more during the day. It hurt to lay down, it hurt to sit up and just the thought of food made my stomach turn. I tried to watch a movie and gave up halfway through. No way I was going to sit down and write a blog post.

Fortunately the migraine was gone today and I’ve actually managed to eat, but the laziness from yesterday still lingers. I spent all morning lazing on the computer and then was 30 minutes late to meeting up with my friends. Now it’s almost half past nine and I’m on the bus home from town, doing some reflecting.

I think it’s important to commit to something, even something like a blog. Give it your all, don’t do it halfhearted. But still, especially with something online, something that isn’t in any way my job (yet??), I think it’s even more important to be a bit selfish. Taking time out of my day to regenerate or spending time with friends, that should be more important than blogging. It should be more important than most things.

I won’t make excuses for not creating content. Especially if it’s because I did things I deem more important instead.


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