Sleeping And Driving The Day Away

This can be called confined containment, yeah?

It is on days like these that I mostly wonder how people consistently blog (or vlog) daily. On days like these, where nothing happens. I’m not exaggerating, for once. The title is pretty descriptive. 

After a terrible night sleep we had breakfast at eitgh, got locked in the parking garage and had problems finding the right road out of Stockholm. Since then we’ve been driving, and it’s now half three. Some of that time I’ve been sleeping, some of that time I’ve been staring blankly ahead. Also bathroom breaks. 

Nevertheless, after that terribly boring tale of my day, I have a happy announcement! In three hours (!!!!) I will be back home. That means I’ll be back to my computer and able to amp up the quality a bit. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up this daily posting thing for a bit, but we’ll see. More info on that to come. 

For now we’ll be hopping on a ferry in a bit, so I’ll leave you with this and pray there are no more complications, so homecoming isn’t delaid. 


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