How to Not Be a Blanket Burrito

When I woke up this morning I was dead tired and generally not feeling my best. I also knew that I had a lot of things that needed to be done, so much I even made a to do list last night. Bring all these factors together, and you get the practically irresistible urge to wrap yourself in blankets, bury your head in the pillow, forget the world exists and continue your life as a blanket burrito.

Sadly, as people we he a lot to do. That means we don’t have time to be blanket burritos most of the time. As soon as I today managed to escape the claws of my bed, I thus decided to share my three tips on how to avoid spending the better part of your day in that cocoon.

P1010315 copy

1. Decide what to make for breakfast

A good breakfast plan is often enough to get me out of bed in the morning. I am definitely a breakfast person, although mine are pretty boring most of the time. Being able to look forward to wonderful sustenance waiting to be eaten just a few rooms over makes me all the more keen to get out of bed. Also, if you keep thinking about food, you will eventually get hungry, and at least for me hunger is a prime motivator.

P1010323 copy

2. Put on some upbeat music

When music comes on, it is like the soundtrack to the movie of my life has started. If I’d put on slow, calming music, chances are that I would never leave my bed at all. However, if the music is upbeat it feels wrong to stay stationary, especially somewhere you have no outside contact, and can barely see the outside at all. This morning San Francisco by The Mowgli’s and Fred Astaire by San Cisco were the tunes of choice.

P1010328 copy

3. Make your bed (once you get out of it)

Escaping from the blanket burrito state is one thing. It is another entirely to make sure you don’t go right back in once you’ve had your breakfast, or later that day. This is always easier to prevent by making your bed. That way, getting back into burrito state is much harder, because you need to rearrange everything again.

When you get up, you throw the covers back. If you then were to return, you simply need to lay down and pull the covers on again. If the bed is made, you need to remove pillows and blankets, pull back the covers, lay down, pull the covers back on and probably struggle for a long time to make it as comfortable as you remember it being. By then chances are you’re properly awake.



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