A Fabulous Morning

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Good morning!

I am currently walking around in my pyjamas and heels, and thus feeling quite a lot like Blair Waldorf. However, there are a few very obvious tip offs that I’m not her: 1, I live in Norway and 2, my pyjamas is an old t-shirt of my dad’s, rather than $1,000 nightgown. Also, because I indulged in a  few unprotected hours in the sun yesterday, I currently look more like a lobster than Blair Waldorf. At least I still have my somewhat fancy breakfast to cheer me up.

The reason that I’m pairing my heels with my pyjamas rather than, you know, a party dress, is that I’m going to a wedding this weekend and the heels need to be worn in. As usual I’m too lazy of changing out of my pyjamas, so heels and pyjamas it is.

As for the rest of my morning, it has just passed noon, and I’m finishing off breakfast: a feast of summery produce. Most of my body is covered in aloe moisturiser to help my sunburn, and I’m doing a moisturising sink-in face mask. I love this kind of pampering, I just wish it wasn’t necessary to help my sunburn.

Remember your sunscreen, kids!



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