Default Setting: Comfy

P1010292 copy2

P1010294 copy

Top – Mango // Skirt – Monki

Usually in the summer, or all year around really, I accidentally find an outfit that I fall in love with and that becomes my default for that entire season. Sometimes it is something logical, like my fave this winter; leggings, wool jumper, thick cardigan, huge scarf. Sometimes it is something that I didn’t even think could be comfy. Like this skirt.

This skirt is a midi length pencil skirt, which all just screams inconvenient and restrictive. However, because of the thin, but sturdy, fabric it is both flexible and incredibly comfy. And you know, it doesn’t hurt that the colour make it super summery and adorable.

I actually bought this skirt last summer, thinking that I would shorten it and use it a tonne, but neither of those happened. Now I’m happy I left it the way it is. The length make it interesting and fashionable, and that in combination with its ability to be dressed up (blouse and heels) or down (white t-shirt and trainers) makes it the perfect staple I imagined it could be when I bought it.



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