Weekly Roundup – Week 27

Greetings everyone!

I just want to apologise for the lack of a post going up on Saturday, and that this didn’t go up on Sunday. There haven’t been many times over the time that I’ve been blogging that I’ve missed a post. I think the last time was once when I was sick. Well, I’ll come back to this week’s reason in a bit, but let’s just say that Saturday was hectic.

1. Seaside concert! 2. A gorgeous park. 3. Hanging (and illegally drinking) in a park. 4. Beach party / festival combo. 5. CURLS!

So this week was my second and last week of work (for now) and I am absolutely thrilled to be done. It’s been quite nice, with hours spent at the beach and generally lazing about, but this kind of work really drains me. I’ve been working at a kind of daycare for kids between 6 and 10 years old. As i’m not really used to children, this had been quite the thing to get used to. Now I have four weeks of holiday, and then I’m back there for two weeks.

On Tueday I had coffee with a guy from my class, and afterwards I went to the concert pictured in the fist picture above, with some friends. The weather was great, it was in a gorgeous place and the music wasn’t half bad. While we were here I heard that they were volunteering at a local festival this weekend, and I decided to join up.

I went out with the same group of friends again on Thursday, and we hung out in a park for quite a few hours. After a bit of illegal drinking in said park, we headed to a new nightclub that was opening, and spent some time there. Still sober, I headed home at about midnight, already dreading getting up the following morning.

As I signed up for volunteering at the festival on Saturday, I got a free pass to the Friday. I went with littitup (is there ever a post where she isn’t mentioned??) and we had a great time. The people we watched play (Highasakite, Charli xcx and Gabrielle) were A+ and the audience was great as well.

I’ll make my rant about Saturday short, because I don’t want to be too negative on this blog. I worked for 11 hours, got to sit down for a combined 5 minutes (including a bathroom break), got maybe half a meal (that I didn’t get time to eat, I had to eat it while working) and about half a glass of water. I have never been as exhausted or unable to walk properly. It wasn’t worth it.

Anyway, if any of you are curious about the festival, it’s called Palmesus, and this is the after movie from last year:

After the exhausting Saturday, Sunday was spent doing a lot of nothing, ending with a lovely visit to town with littitup for ice cream before she left for holiday today, and with me staying up to midnight reading. It was a good recovery day.

I hope you’ve all had a great week!


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