How to Prepare For a New Semester

It’s always a good idea to lay some groundwork before a new semester starts, even if we’re just talking reading over the syllabus. It is one more thing you don’t have to do once the semester starts. To get you and your thoughts started, here are a four suggestions of how you can spend the summer getting a head start on the fall semester.

Go through the syllabus

If you get it before the semester starts, go through it, highlight the important dates (exams, due dates etc) and maybe write it down in your planner or calendar. This way you have an overview of what is coming up when.

Do some research on your classes

If you’re starting new ones, check out what the class will cover and try to gain some background information. If you’re continuing one, brush up on what you’ve learnt earlier and check out what you’ll be learning in the new semester.

Learn about your teacher

If it is a new teacher, asking some of their earlier students about them could be a good idea. This way you’ll have some idea about their teaching style, their test questions and everything. This will be especially relevant if it is the teacher or professor that makes the exam and the entire course. Having some detail about what the semester will be like will make things easier for you, also when it comes to your preparations.

Read ahead

We all know those reading assignments will come sooner or later. If you already have your textbooks (before you get them, check out my textbook tags to see if you can get them for cheap), try to do some reading ahead, and maybe even take some notes. That way you’ll have a head start. Just be warned that it’ll be swallowed pretty quickly.


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