Weekly Roundup – Week 24

Greetings everyone!

Another week has passed, much in the same fashion as the previous ones. I’m still not bored of summer holiday, not by a long shot, but I am noticing that the days are starting to blend together more than before. However, today it is just 21 days until I get my IB grades, and just 89 days until I’m leaving for uni!

1. Taking walks in the evening is amazing. 2. I finally got a camera! 3. Look at this beach in the sunset. 4. I am so so so pale. 5. And my outfits match my skintone.

These past few days have been properly summer-y here, and it has been amazing. +20 degrees  temperatures, a light breeze, all sunshine… This is how we like it. I’m not outside as much as I should, but I’m planning on at least spending some time outside today. And doing some reading, for once. I hate how little I read, because I really want to read books, I just have such trouble figuring out what I actually want to read.

As you can see from above, I got a new camera this week! Or actually, new might not be the correct word, as I’ve never owned a camera before. I mainly got it for vlogging, although I’m definitely trying to take some pictures as well. All the pictures in yesterday’s blog post was taken with it. If you’re interested in getting the same camera, here you can find it on amazon. I’m not going to go into detail (because I would have no idea what I’m talking about), but I really like it this far!

On Thursday I had coffee with butterscorchd and we spent a long time just walking around town and talking. She had her last exam on Wednesday (and she nailed it! Go congratulate her!) and it was great to be able to just enjoy some time together without either of us having something else we should really have done instead. Unfortunately she’s working a lot this summer, but I hope we’ll be able to squeeze in some quality time anyway.

I hope you’ve all had a great week!


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