Weekly roundup – Week 23

Greetings everyone!

I have officially been on summer break for three weeks. In a  normal year that is a week short of half my summer break, but this year it’s a week short of a fourth of it. It is insane. However, the boredom has not set in yet and I am very optimistic about the remainder if the weeks.


1. SO GREEN! 2. Sleepover ❤ 3. Playing Skyrim. 4. Yummy breakfast! 5. Out walking.

I have been at two sleepovers this week, on at a friend’s house and one at mine. For someone that do sleepovers as rarely as myself, this was quite outside the norm. It was great though. Both of the girls are super sweet, one of them being my darling littitup that I mention just about every week. Speaking of her, we also had a lovely walk together today, and I’m honestly going to be so sad to lose my walking buddy this fall. She is sadly not going to be going to the UK with me.

This week I had my final day of the filing I’ve been doing at my dad’s job, so I’m mostly finished with working there before the summer. I’ll still be there for a couple of hours every Friday, but nothing more than that. After the holidays I might be back though, because there is likely to be some more filing work for me to do. Overall I’m super happy that I could do that job, because even though it was tiring, it was fun and pretty well paid. And also, it counts as work experience. Which I desperately need.

I actually vlogged this Saturday, and managed to edit it today, and you can watch that below. And while on the topic of vlogging, I have now officially ordered a blog camera. After much complaining about why it’s inconvenient to use my phone, I finally buckled down and ordered an actual camera. Hopefully this means I can vlog even more than I do now, and maybe even get around to filming some other videos as well.

And that has been this week. The rest of the day i’m planning on studying, cleaning my room and eating waffles. I hope your week and Sunday has been as great as mine!


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