Weekly Roundup – Week 22

Greetings everyone!

So we’re here again. Another Sunday, another weekly roundup post. This week has had a lot going on, but it’s been good. I bet there will be weeks later this holiday where I wish I had as many things going on as this week.

1. Filing, filing and more filing. 2. Studying Financial Accoutning. 3. A good breakfast is the best start of the day. 4. I bought a new t-shirt and I’m going to wear it every Friday. 5. LOOK AT THIS TINY CINNAMON ROLL!!!!!!

As I’m sure you’ve gathered for the fact that I talk about it non-stop, I recently graduated the IB. Because of that, we had a get together on Tuesday with some parents and teachers. I spent Monday with one of my classmates, the lovely studyingscampi trying to do some speech writing. All over, both days were delightful.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent at work, as you can see from the first picture above. I’ve been working with filing at my dad’s office, as well as fixing lunch on Friday’s. It’s a good job, and I get work experience in addition, thank god.

Both Friday night and Saturday I spent with my darling littitup. We lazed around and watched the Voice, and went shopping. I love days like that where you just hang out and relax. That is exactly what I want the most from my summer this year.


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