Weekly Roundup – Week 20

Greetings everyone!

I first want to thank every single one of you that saw me through my IB exams and the time leading up to it. I’m sure I could have done without you, but I doubt I would have done as well. But now we’ll just have to wait until the 6th of July to see how I did.


1. Doing chemistry. 2. Reading history for the last time. 3. My finger started bleeding. 4. I’m done with the IB! 5. 17th of May is beautiful no matter what

This week was the last week of my exams, the last week of the IB. I’ve been very busy with exams, especially Wednesday and Thursday. Because of this, not much else has been going on.

However, on Saturday it was time for party. All but four people in our class were done with the IB and to celebrate we spend Saturday evening enjoying the freedom in a meadow. It was such a nice time and it was the perfect way to celebrate that we’re done.

On Sunday, it was Norway’s Independence Day and as a russ, of course the day was full of things to do. In the morning I watched the children’s parade with my family before heading home to watch the national broadcast. Later in the day, after having dinner with my gran, it was off to town to walk in the big parade with the other russ. It really was a great end to a once in a lifetime month.

Now the summer holiday has started and I’m excited to see what is going to happen, both this summer and in the time afterwards.


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