3 Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

I’m sorry in advance for anyone that aren’t on summer break yet and that who will now be stuck watching Netflix forever instead of studying because of this post.

As I am officially on summer break, I thought I’d tell you all about three shows that I definitely think are worth a binge this summer. Please bear in mind that these are just my opinion on these shows and our preferences might not be alike at all. 


With 10 seasons of about 24 episodes, this should last you a good while. I started watching this not too long ago, actually, and I have been obsessed. It is such a good show, with such lovable characters (I am Chandler and Chandler is me) and I love it for those days where I just want something light and funny to watch. If I’m down, this show always cheers me up. Another really great thing about Friends is that it’s not at all hard to keep up with, so you can both skip episodes, and typically just have it on in the background while you’re doing something else. I love popping an episode on the TV while I’m writing a blog post. 

Grey’s Anatomy

I haven’t binged this in a while, but believe me, I’ve done it. About a year ago I was hard core binging Grey’s Anatomy to the point where I watched a season in two days. I just love it. The characters, the drama, the medical stuff, the hot guys… I’m all over this show and I will defend it to my dying breath. 

Project Runway

Okay, hold up. Let me explain. Usually I like quality tv. But we all have those days where trashy reality is what our heart craves. The summer break is the best time to give in to such a craving, because I think we all know what happens when you watch that one episode. That’s right. You watch the entire season. If you guys want a summary of what I did last summer: 8 seasons of Project Runway. Just, no shame. I don’t even care. Also, America’s Next Top Model, Paradise Hotel or any MTV show works exactly the same and will have the same effect. 


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