Weekly Roundup – Week 19

Greetings everyone!

Sorry for the lack of a weekly roundup coming your way last week, but let me tell you: that is the first one I’ve missed in 21 weeks of doing this. This will actually be my 22nd weekly roundup, and that alone is a bit unbelievable to be. It also reminded me of another reason that I really like doing these posts: I can look back and see what I was doing each week, months later. That alone is one of the reasons I’ve always wanted to get into blogging. But before I get all sappy on you, lets take a look at what I’ve done this week.


1. Reading for my economics exam. 2. Doing Chem exam questions. 3. Doing Maths exam questions. 4. My finger hurts from all the writing. 5. More exam questions.

As you can see with a single look at the pictures above, there has been a lot of studying going on this week. At least I’ve tried to do a lot of studying.

This has been the first week of my IB exams, and while I was very stressed before the first one, I don’t think it has been that bad. I mean, I started preparing in September. We finished all curriculum in January. Since then all we’ve done both in class and at home has been practicing. Then we practiced for mock exams. Then we practiced some more for exams. So yeah. I haven’t been too stressed, and I basically just have some last minute practicing left to do in all subjects, so that is good!

Until now I think all the exams have gone alright. I’m uncertain about English Paper 2, and it’s always hard to know with all the subjects I’ve had this week (English, Norwegian and Economics), but I feel good. Also, it’s a real relief that I was predated way above what I need to get into my school next year. No stress about that. Overall I’m pretty relaxed.

This weekend most of my friends went to a Russetreff, so they haven’t been home. I haven’t been lonely per say, but it would have been nice to have someone to do stuff with. Oh well. They all come back today, so it’s all good! And I’ve seen my best friend plenty throughout the week, so that’s good too.

Next Friday I have my last two exams and after that I’m FREE! (Is that an anime? I feel like it is… (also I first wrote amine, because y’know, chemistry)) So next week you can expect a somewhat extatic Mary, in addition to next Sunday being Norway’s national holiday! Be excited!


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