Weekly Roundup – Week 17

Greetings everyone!

Another week has come and gone, and exams are still inching closer. No, never mind that. At this point, they are rushing closer. Next week will be my last week ever of classes in Norway. That is absolutely insane. It has also proven hard to wrap my head around. Apart from me coming to that realisation, let’s me tell you what happened this week.


1. Doing Chem revision in bed. 2. Waking up is hard. 3. I’m babysitting plants. 4. I got a package! 5. Basically I’m living in my bed.

So I was off from two subject this week, which means that I only had 18 periods this week. However, with how little schoolwork I’m doing at home, I really feel like I should be doing more. Especially when I have that few periods. But you know, I’m out of ideas. How do I even study any more than this?

I also had my last ever Norwegian class this week. Not only will I never study Norwegian literature and language again, but I will never study in Norwegian again. It is going to be so weird, but so wonderful.

On Friday I really felt that I was a russ for the first time. One of my friends are a part of a traditional russe-van and we went for a ride in it. We went “rolling”, as it is called. It was an interesting experience. We got egged, the door broke, we fixed the door, we were more than 10 people in the car at one point, several people ate a cheeseburger in two bites and I became deaf. Long story short: I have basically experienced the entire russe-tid now.

When I get in a cleaning mood, I really clean. Therefore, on Saturday, I had a pre-exam clear out. I organised my drawers, stacked all books that need to be returned to school, threw out kilos of paper and just organised in general. This took about three hours. Feels really good now though, because my room is really tidy.

And that, is everything noteworthy from this week. We’ll have to see if I get around to doing a weekly roundup next week, because I’m going to a confirmation on Sunday and my exams start on Monday. Oh well, we’ll see. Until then,


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