What To Do On a Bad Day

My exams are rapidly approaching (just 9 days left!!) and amongst all the study tips posts that are popping up, I wanted to do a post about those days when things don’t go as planned. Be it that you walk out of an exam and feel like you bombed it, or that you get back a disappointing score. We all know the feeling. So here are some things that I like to do to make the day suck a little less!

  • Have some chocolate (light/dark/milk, hot/cold/whatever as preferred)
  • Have a bath, or a long shower
  • Go for a walk or a jog, preferably surrounded by nature
  • Find someone/something to cuddle
  • Even if you have things to do, give yourself a break
  • Tidy your room/flat/whatever to get a fresh perspective
  • Open all windows and air out your room
  • If you have things that need to be done, make a to do list and sort your brain out
  • Organise your clutter/notes/room/whatever
  • Do come colouring in a colouring book (these are awesome)
  • Try your hand at painting, even if you’re terrible at it
  • Make yourself some tea
  • Bake something (and eat it without feeling guilty afterwards)
  • Light a nice-smelling candle
  • Spend time with the positive forces in your life, be it parents, friends or pets
  • Watch your favourite movie (preferably with someone who loves it as much as you)
  • Go on spotify, pandora, soundcloud, 8tracks or wherever and look for new music
  • If you find some really good music, have a dance party
  • Put on your favourite outfit (+ makeup look if you’re into that)
  • Paint your nails, shave, moisturize, wash your face and pamper yourself
  • Check out universityandme​‘s “You are a force of nature” tag
  • If you need someone to talk to, send me an ask, either here or on my main blog, saturdaystudying

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