Weekly Roundup – Week 16

Greetings everyone!

So it is official: I am a russ now! For the next four weeks I am allowed, and even expected to, act like a crazy little shit whenever wearing my bright blue overalls. Also, I’m expected to pretty much be constantly drunk for four weeks, but i’m quite fond of my liver, so I don’t think I’m going to be doing that. However, some of the things I do have to look forward to: sitting on a horse statue for an hour, driving five times around a roundabout, walking a vacuum cleaner down the high street and spending an entire class beneath a desk. For now, let’s focus on what I got done this week.


1. THIS SCARF HAS CATS ON IT! 2. Going camping! 3. Back to Chem notes…


The first part of the week was pretty uneventful, except for a coffee date with my dearest butterscorchd. I’m really looking forward to going to the same school with her for the next three years. Lots of coffee will be had.

On Thursday I only had two periods and then I was headed home again. I love Thursdays. This day I went to a nearby kindergarten and talked to some people there about a summer job. They sounded positive, so fingers crossed.

Thursday was also the first day of wearing our russ clothes, although they were to be worn inside out. Interesting, to say the least.

At 8:30 pm I was back at school, ready for a sleepover. In a tent. On school grounds. Together with one of my classmates. Yes, it was a russ thing. The reason russ do all these crazy things is so that they can tie various things to their hat and show off. This sleepover was one of those things. We had a great time with brownies and camping, talking until midnight and just generally enjoying ourselves.

Sadly I think neither of us slept very well, especially as a police man decided to come and check on us around 4:30 am. He called out to us, and when we replied we were just told that “Okay, you just go back to sleep.” Like thank you. It really was worth waking us for that. Needless to say we were quite tired the next morning.

On friday I spent the evening with my best friend, littitup, and the rest of the weekend has really just been spent sleeping, relaxing and writing Chemistry notes. I don’t mind. I’m good.


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