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Greetings everyone!

If there is something I am used to doing during school breaks, it is read. There hasn’t been much of it for leisure this past year, but one of the few books that I did take time to read was #Girlboss by NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso.

In this book, Amoruso tells the story of her life, how she went from dumpster diving to running an eBay shop to being the CEO of a multimillion fashion company. It includes advice and funny anecdotes, and generally the book is a good read.

If there was one thing this book did for me, it was give me motivation. It shows that even though you start from the bottom, you really can get there. To the very top. All you need is a bit of stealth and a lot of motivation and tenacity.

I definitely give this a 10/10, and even though I’ve already read it twice, I’ll definitely be reading it again. If you’re not really into non-fiction, but still interested in the world of fashion and female entrepreneurs, I’d give this a go anyway!


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