Weekly Roundup – Week 13

Greetings everyone!

In Norway we have two breaks during the spring semester; our winter break and our Easter break. These two are fairly close together. As a matter off fact, this year I only had eight regular school days between them, due to mock exams and Ministortinget. This week housed five of those eight days.


1. I bought this cardigan and I live in it now. 2. Doing chem work, as always. 3. WE GOT SNOW. 4. I actually made a plan and stuck to it. 5. I’m spending the break at our cabin and I’m lovin’ it.

On Tuesday this week I finally had the chance to catch up with one of my friends after not seeing her for a long time. It was long overdue, but really nice to see her again. We had coffee and did some shopping, and I bought the cardigan in the first picture above. This is really significant, because I have basically not taken it off since. It is amazing.

This has certainly been the week of youtube videos. I actually filmed four, although only three will be uploaded, and two of them are already edited and out for all of you to see. It is so much fun, and I’m really loving it. Soon I’ll be posting the ‘I ❤ Spring’ tag, and it’ll be a collab with another studyblr, so get excited!

I actually went on a date again this week, as I’m sure some of you heard. It was a double date, but also kind of a blind date, because I’d never met the guy before. The other couple was my friend and her boyfriend, and this guy is a friend of both of them. We met at noon, played Monopoly and ate waffles for five hours. And I actually think we’re having another date after the break, although I think we’re playing golf this time. That could be disastrous.

At Sunday I drove up to my family’s cabin, where the rest of my family had been since the day before. We always celebrate Easter there, as per Norwegian tradition, and it is so nice. As soon as I got up we went skiing, and the rest of the day was spent lazing around, eating candy and doing schoolwork. That is my only excuse for not managing to get this post up yesterday. Being up here unfortunately means that the wifi is poor and limited, so the vlogs for last week will be up next Sunday (5.4) instead of this week.

And with that little announcement / apology, I’ll be rounding this off. Also, there is a bonfire outside and we’re grilling sausages, so I better run along and get in on that action. If you want tonnes of pictures of picturesque, Norwegian Easter break celebration, keep an eye on my studyblr and my Instagram, because I am sure there will be some there.

Have a good week!


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