Study Tip: Take Breaks

“Stock Photo” credit: Death to the Stock Photo (They are really awesome and you should all check them out!)

Greetings everyone!

This will be the last study tip post of 2014, and therefore I wanted to make it something that I think is very important, and that I have definitely learnt during this term. I have never studies as hard as I have done during this term, or had as much to do, and from that experience I learnt that to keep that momentum going, you’re going to have to slow down, and take some breaks.

There are definitely different kinds of breaks, and they are appropriate at different times.

The short break, of just a few minutes, is good when you’ve been studying for maybe half an hour, and just need a couple of minutes to relax, check your phone, refill your water bottle, make some tea or get yourself a snack. When it comes to these kind of breaks I think it’s very important to be structured. Of course, if you’re in the middle of something, don’t stop just because you feel like you should have a break. Stop when you’ve worked for a decent amount of time and when you’ve reached a point where it’s convenient to stop. However, it might be a good idea to put up a “schedule” of approximately how long you plan to work for before taking a break. Here’s a post I did over on my studyblr on these kind of breaks, and here is a list over fun things to do in these breaks.

The rest of the evening off is good when you’ve covered everything you wanted to cover that day, and you know that you can go without doing anything more that day. When I do this, I usually have about an hour before I’m heading to bed, so I like to maybe take a shower or watch an episode of my favourite snow, having an evening snack or just hanging out with family. However, you should make sure that this doesn’t turn into you getting to bed late, which is easily the case if you’re watching a tv show.

A day / A few days off I usually limit to when I’ve finished a bigger project, and I haven’t got anything looming in the immediate future. These are so nice and are usually a good time for catching up with friends that you’ve been too busy to see, or get to non-school projects that you’ve been wanting to start. Just make sure that you set a number of days to take off, and then get yourself back into good routines when those days have passed. This is the hard part.

And that was it for the last study tip post of 2014! I’ll have a bit of a 2015 announcement post up tomorrow, and on Saturday there will be a walkthrough type explanation post thingie on my Bullet Journal for 2015!

I hope you all have a marvellous New Year’s Eve, and I’ll see you next year!



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