What’s On My iPhone?

Greetings everyone!

Today I was planning to do a What’s on my iPhone sort of thing, but I have quite a lot of apps and I thought I’d just go over some of my favourites instead, as well as my ‘main page’ or whatever you call it.

This is the only page I have. Instead of having multiple pages to flip through, I just keep my apps in folders. The founders that I use are Entertainment (Music and games), Inspirational (Pintrest and the like), Photography (Photo editing apps), Other (Whatever don’t fit in other categories), Scholar (Useful things for school and writing) and Social (Social media).

The apps that aren’t in folders are the ones I use the most and that I like having easy access to. These are the ones I have:

  • AKT Reise – When my buses are actually showing up, not just when it says on the plan that they will. Very helpful as I know I need exactly six minutes to walk to the bus stop, so then I can coordinate with the time the bus is coming.
  • Datawiz – Don’t use this that much anymore, but it tracks how much cellular data you use.
  • Instagram – Pretty self-explanatory. I’m pretty addicted.
  • Messenger for Facebook – I would think this is self-explanatory as well. Sometimes I like to talk to people.
  • Plant Nanny – For helping me stay hydrated. Every time you have a glass of water, you get to water the plant and it grows.
  • Photos – Again, self-explanatory.
  • Sleep Time – My alarm for when I have school. Pretty necessary.
  • Snapchat – I am very good at sending ugly snaps.
  • Settings – I turn everything on and off all the time. Easier just to have it here.
  • WiMP – Scandinavian Spotify? At least that is what I think it is.
  • Youtube – Again, I’m obsessed.
  • 8tracks – I use this a lot when I’m studying. It is a music app where you listen to playlists and stuff. I like it.

And then my bottom row, which doesn’t matter that much because I only have one page:

  • Tumblr – Because I am obsessed, again. But you all know that already.
  • Gmail – I spend a lot of my time writing emails, so I really like having this easily accessible.
  • Safari – Again, I use this too much to hide it away.
  • Messages – I also text a lot, so it’s handy to have it here.

Other than these apps I love Afterlight, Bloglovin’ and Dropbox.

So tell me, am I missing out on any great apps? Which ones do you guys recommend?


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