Study Tip: Get Enough Sleep

Greetings everyone!

This post was supposed to go up last Wednesday, but I completely forgot about the whole thing. Not like I usually do, where I remember late in the evening and have to stay up to write it. No, this time I didn’t remember until Saturday. So I’m sorry about that, and I hope you survived. But let’s get on with it.

We all know that sleeping is important. I have always known this, but it wasn’t until this year that I really realised the meaning of this. The last years I’ve been going to bed around midnight, and then getting up at 6:15. I was doing pretty well, but I was always tired. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m still always tired, but I can still say that there has been an improvement.

This year I realised that I needed to change things. I started getting ready for bed at 9 pm and actually shutting off my lights at 10 pm. This gave me more than enough time to get ready, as well as wind down before I actually had to go to sleep. This helped me fall asleep so much quicker than I used to.

I said that I’m still tired, and that is true. I’ll probably always be tired. But I still feel much better than I used to, and I have much more energy to spend on things like studying. My grades have also gone up and I’ve gotten way more effective when I work. I won’t say that this is entirely due to the increased sleep, but I think it definitely plays a role.

My tip to you, is therefore to take care of yourself. Budget your time so that you sleep doesn’t suffer because you have more stuff to do. Try getting more effective instead of working later in the evening.

Now I’m curious. When do you guys go to bed/get up?


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