Study Tip: Using A Planner

Greetings everyone!

So today’s study tip is something that I properly got started with my 11th year of school, but even then I was pretty bad at using it. I’d forget about it and not bother to use it properly. Yeah, my planner was at times simply left empty. That’s one of the main things about something like a planner; You need to use it and be able to rely fully on it. So this is how I do it.

There are tons of different planners and planner systems that you can use, and I’d recommend trying out several just to figure out what suits you, your life and what you need to keep track of, the best. A planner should be something perfectly tailored to you so that it is the least amount of hassle for you to use often.

The one I am currently using, that you can see pictured above, is the bullet journal method. It is so very customisable and I’ve been able to tailor it to what I need and what I look for in a planner. Another thing about this is that you can do it in just about any book, so it doesn’t have to be expensive; I even made the book myself!

However, only earlier this year I was using a different system, although I won’t go into detail about that, but I made a post on my tumblr about it that you can read here. This only goes to prove that you will probably try different things that don’t work for you, but keep trying until you find what actually do work.

Finally I would just really recommend having a planner, because holy crap, there is so much to remember. If I was to remember every piece of homework and everything that I need to do, in addition to appointments and when I have tests in which subjects, I would have gone mad by now. Do yourself a favour and make sure that your grades aren’t bad because you’re forgetting when things are due at least!

I’d love to hear about what kind of systems that you use, if you do use a planner of some sort. Even though I’m happy with my current system, I’m always looking for new things to try out.


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