Study Tip: Take Care of Yourself

Greetings everyone!

So the year is winding down and the rest of these study tips posts aren’t going to be study tips per say, but rather posts about the self care side of getting good grades. I’ve never really considered this before this semester, as I have never been properly busy, but after this semester, I definitely get it. So today we are getting started with “Taking care of yourself”.

The above photo is from my little self care session today, and that in itself goes to show that self care doesn’t have to be fancy or difficult. Whenever I would hear self care earlier I would think of spa nights. Well, as much as I would love that, it’s not really my thing. So for me, a night of self care included a hot shower, putting on actual pyjamas instead of just sweats, making hot chocolate and spending the evening doing what I wanted the most, which happened to be playing Skyrim.

I have learnt over the course of this semester that self care is important to prevent burnout. We need to take care of ourselves to keep both motivation, discipline and productivity up, and all those things are important to get the results that we want.

While self care can be taking an evening to yourself, it could also be going out with friends, or staying in with them. Whatever you prefer.

The key to self care is to listen to yourself. As an introvert, going out and partying rather stresses me, while I have several friends who are never more at ease than when they’re jumping up and down in the middle of a crowd. It is individual, and that is important to remember, especially as I think a lot of people have the image that I did; Spa night. While that might be perfect for some people, others might despise it. You do you, that’s the short answer.

While doing like me and taking an entire night, or several, to self care might be good, it is also important to remember to take care of yourself while you’re working. This included drinking tea/coffee, getting enough water, eating enough, taking any necessary medication and getting enough sleep.

And on that note, I will leave you hanging until next Wednesday, where the next topic will be sleep.

But first, let me know, what do you do for self care?



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