Study Tip: Have Routines

Greetings everyone!

Since I started changing my school routine and entered the studyblr community I have found that much of my increased productivity comes from having good routines. What also works, although only in the short run, is just being very busy. However, in the long run that education mostly is, routines or habits are often a better bet.

One of the first steps I took towards starting a routine was printing out this. It is a concept called “Don’t Break the Chain”, that you can read about here and learn about here. I don’t rely as heavily on this anymore, but is still motivating. Because of this I’d say that this might be more for the newbies (not said in a negative sense), the people just starting out in their quest to establish a good habit.

Basically you set a goal, for me this was one hour of schoolwork, and then for every day you do this, you cross off. Eventually you’ll get such a long streak that you won’t want to break it.

When you have started to more get into the habit, and it has actually become a habit, you can start maximizing the efficiency of it. Find out when you work the best and when you’re more productive, so that even if you only study for an hour a day, at least you’ll get maximum productivity out of that hour.

For some, setting up a schedule of when they are doing different things or studying different subjects are the way to go about this, for some it isn’t. This will also depend on how you school schedule is. If you have one class now and one then, and you live on campus, you will to a greater degree have the ability to go home between classes and crank out a good few hours of studying. For people like me, who are basically forced to stay at school from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm every day from Monday to Friday, this is not as easy. So I work around it.

Lists, like I have talked about before and will talk about again, will also be helpful in keeping up with your routine. If you have a goal of studying one hour of Chemistry every day, put it on your to-do list, every single day. Then when you complete it, you will have the satisfaction of crossing it off.

Also, on a final note, what I think is the most important about routines is that they should be strict enough that you don’t break them just because you feel like it, but at the same time flexible enough that it doesn’t really matter if you have to break it. Again, my Don’t Break the Chain calendar is an example of this. I have studied every single day since 14th of September, except on the 1st of November. That weekend I was staying with my cousin in another city, and that was the only full day I had with her. I wasn’t about to spend that studying.

So just remember that even though routines are good, sometimes you need a break for whatever reason.

And now I’m interested. What are your routines like? And I mean any kind of routine. Morning routine, study routine, after school routine. Tell me, I’d love to know!



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