Desk Tour

Greetings everyone! 

Like the average student, I spend I a lot of time at my desk, be with working with school or just hanging out and chilling with my computer. Like many other people, I also know that I can’t get anything done there if it is messy, which is why I keep it my mission to keep it at least semi-tidy at all times. And today, when it is even tidier than usual, I will show you guys around!


This is my entire desk. It has no drawers, but a little cabinet underneath. I won’t show you that, because the only things in there is my printer and some random stuff. I have no idea neither how old my desk is, nor where it’s from. However, I do know I’ve had it for years, so you probably can’t get it anywhere anymore. It also used to have a top part, with a little cabinet thing sitting on top of it, but it made surface space so small that it was just more convenient to remove that part. As you can see, my door is on the left, and my window is on the right, to it’s bright and well lit, which is always good when I need to work.


Both these little cubbies and the pictures I got from IKEA last summer. Once upon a time this space used to be tidy as well, but not anymore. In the cubbie to the left, I keep things that I reach for just when I’m going out the door, like my purse, my headphone and my keys, as well as random things like my moisturiser. Because why bother with consistency? The one in the middle is for office supplies, like paper clips, post it’s and pens. As well as my most used nail polishes. I paint my nails a lot when I study, so it’s handy to have when within reach.

As for the last cubbie, that is for books, as you can probably see. Both the inside, and the top holds books. However, inside it is also a box of candy and a bottle of Bailie’s Irish Cream. Books and booze, you know. The best combination. Also, there is a bit of everything here when it comes to books: my old bullet journal, a fresh notebook, my student cookbook, The Complete Sherlock Holmes, another notebook, Wreck This Journal and all the novels we’re reading for Norwegian and English.


In the corner of my desk, I keep a file-holder with the label “Deal with this”. It contains things that I pull out of my bag, but don’t know where to put or things that are just floating around on my desk. I clear this out every so often, putting things away or throwing them away, making way to new things. Beside it is a little INGLOT bag, where I have a notepad and my pencil case at the moment, just do they don’t float around on my desk, making it messy. My desk calendar also lies here, and every now and then I go through my planner, transferring things to this so that I can easily reference them when sitting at my desk.


I have two cork boards by my desk. This one, and one hanging above the “deal with this” folder. On the one not pictured here, I mostly just display the letters that I’ve gotten from my awesome pen pal, studiousmedic. I originally had a picture of that as well, but then I realised that you could see my full name and my address, and I figured that I shouldn’t put that on the internet. Anyway, on this one I just keep my little countdown to the last of my exams, and a little motivation. I am working on getting more motivational quotes and everything up there. And in front of this, my cacti from IKEA are just chilling. You know, got to have some casual cacti on my desk.

And that is everything that is on my desk! If any of you make a post similar to this one, send me a link, because I would love to see the places that you get your work done!


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