Study Tip: Dealing With Distractions

Greetings everyone!

I’m back! Not that I was really away (apart from the weekend), but I am finally coming to you with another study tips post. Seeing as I am really busy, I have determined that they will definitely not be daily; they will be posted every Wednesday. I hope to also get one post up every Saturday, keeping with my studyblr url. Maybe (hopefully) this will change after my mock exams and I’m able to blog more. Until then, this is how it will be!

Today I want to talk about distractions. They are so many, and come in so many varied forms. And they go hand in hand with my favourite (or least favourite, depends on how you look at it) thing; procrastination.

One thing about distractions is that they are very hard to eliminate, and this is partly due to the fact that they change all the time. One day I find myself constantly writing blog posts and doing stuff with my blog in general, while other days I spend the entire day doing everything but as much as touching it.

However, even though distractions are hard to predict, we can do ours to keep them at bay. This ties in with my first tip: Getting to know yourself. For me this means that if I put my phone out of reach, I am very likely to not even reach for it, simply because of my incredible laziness. I also know that I am more likely to focus on getting something done if I have a time limit. Figure yourself out and exploit it.

Another aspect of distractions is other people. If you live with someone, you probably know and hate the problem as much as all of us. Shutting your door is usually a pretty effective way to keep them away, but sometimes something more is required. This could be a sign on the door, or a stern talking to (“I would quite like not to fail this class. Now leave me alone so that I can try not to”).

All in all, distractions is something that we all have to deal with, but what defines us is how we deal with them. What is your way of dealing with the distractions that you face most often? Tell us in the comments!


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