Study Tip: Starting Early

Greetings everyone!

If there is something that I have learnt this week, it is that being ahead is never bad. Rather, it is very very good. This week has been absolutely insane this far, and if I hadn’t been ahead it would have been even worse.

So really, if you are looking to improve your studying, the best tip I can give you is to get ahead. Figure out when your tests/exams/stuff is due and make a plan for how you are going to get there. If you know in advance, it is easier to adapt as well, as pushing things one day then won’t make you deliver late.

To help you get organised when it comes to this, creating a study schedule / to-do list might be good idea. Grab a calendar (or just write a list) and figure out what you’re going to do each day. Then just work your way through it. Try getting through what you set up, or even get ahead, but don’t stress it. Also, if you finish what you’d planned for that specific day, get started on the next one if you’re still feeling up for it.

This is possibly the most cliché tip ever, but it honestly work so well, and if everyone were using it and was able to beat procrastination for long enough to do this, I think everyone would be less stressed.

So how are you guys doing? Are your exams coming up, and if you, have you already gotten to work on them? Let me know!


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